03 December, 2010

Three Sided Triangles & Unmarried Bachelors

The term "born again Christian" is redundant. All who are Christians must be born again. There is no other kinds of Christians than those who are born again.

RC Sproul states, "The simple reality is this: everyone who is truly a Christian is born again. There are no other kinds of Christians. There's no such thing as a non-born-again-Christian or an unregenerate Christian. Yes, there are plenty of unregenerate church members and plenty of unregenerate people who profess to be Christians, but a person cannot be in Christ unless he or she is regenerate. By the same token, if you are regenerate, you are a Christian."


Chris Cole said...

I don't understand the title for this article. What's the connection?

NPE said...


Each one of these things is redundant:

Three sided triangles.

Unmarried bachelors.

Born Again Christians.