13 October, 2010

The Church Planter's Banner

What gives the church planter the right to go into the cities, towns, and villages and to establish a church?

This question should be at the heart of all those that want to see the Word of God increase as it did in the Book of Acts. But what right does one have to plant churches? Of course, first and foremost the Lord Jesus Christ has commanded that the ministry of the Church go into the world teaching and administering the sacraments in the name of the Triune God. That's a given. But what right does Jesus have telling the elders and pastors of the church to go into the whole world and plant churches?

The Lord Jesus purchased that right at the cross. The Lord Jesus is not only the savior of mankind; he is also the King of kings. At the cross, the Lord Jesus earned the right for the heathen (the nations), as his inheritance, to bow to him. It is the job of the church planter to go and to proclaim that the Lord Jesus has set captives of sin free and to preach to those who are spiritually blind. We go as his ambassadors.

Psalm 20 reminds us of this:

May we shout for joy over your salvation,
and in the name of our God set up our banners!

Church planters: Jesus has earned the right for you to plant banners (hopefully blue ones) in the cities, towns, and villages of your presbytery and declare them as land that belongs unto Christ- because it does. Now shout for joy, and set up some banners!

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Chris said...

LOL @ blue banners!