04 May, 2010

Fig Leaf Evangelists and Bloody Skin Evangelists

Since the time that Adam fashioned clothing out of a fig leaf, man has been doing all that is within his power to be made right with God. Man has disregarded certain theological and biblical truths that the Scriptures set forth, and as a result man has elevated pragmatism over theological accuracy and truth.

This pragmatic free-will-ism has never been more problematic than in American evangelicalism. Many evangelists have pushed the envelope of the means by which their message is delivered. The famous Pelagian evangelist, Charles Finney was known for doing all that was in his power to cause an emotional response from his hearers. Sometimes this included manipulation. But in the mind of the free-will evangelist, the ends justify the means.

Over the past several months evidence has arisen that the president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary has been lying in order to minister to Muslims. The truth of his conversion, early life, and many other matters have been twisted and lied about in the name of reaching Muslims. And when the Seminary Board was confronted on these lies, do you know what their response was?

"Dr Caner has not done anything theologically inappropriate."

In this version of Christianity, the ends justify the means. You can read the latest article on this story here. It is a sad day when seminary presidents are allowed to get away with blatant deception because of pragmatic reasoning.

Friends, the Gospel of Christ is not something that we have to improve. We do not need to improve it with fancy testimonies, with emotional manipulation, or with other pragmatic means. We need to preach the Gospel as it is found within the Scriptures and know that the Spirit goes where He will. Brothers and sisters, God is big enough to call men to himself. He did it with Adam when he removed his man-centered fig leaves and replaced them with divinely appointed skins. Our God is big enough, and his will powerful enough where he does not need manipulative and lying preachers to accomplish his desires.

God desires faithful preachers; not fabricating preachers. Friends, pray for Liberty. Pray that they call their president to repentance and see the beauty of biblically Reformed Christianity.

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