30 December, 2009

Why Are Reformed People Such Downers?

I have written on the lack of joy in the Reformed churches before. I think that it is a horrible thing that many in Reformed churches and people lack the joy that accompanies salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ. What kind of witness is that?

Now there may be many reasons for why Reformed people lack the joy of the Lord; but as people of the Book; we must realize that 'Rejoice in the Lord always', as the Apostle Paul says- is an imperative. That means it is commanded.

We like rules, laws, and regulations in the Reformed Church. Just think of being joyful as a law that we must keep. Will that help us be more joyful?

Pastor Anthony Selvaggio gives his take on Reformed joy over at Ref21. I found my self getting more and more joyful as I read the article; and then when I saw that it was Selvaggio; I was even more joyful!

Let's show the world that we are are people posessed with the Spirit of Christ- and be joyful!

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