10 February, 2009

Jesus' Creative Joy

When thinking about Jesus' relationship to the Church we do not often think of his 'creative joy' in creating, sustaining, and loving a church. His relationship to us should also be reflected in our relationship with the Church and with the outside world. The Church is also to be a place of creative joy where we live joyful Christian lives.

The joy of Jesus is the joy that arises from the sense of a finished work. It is a creative joy, like the joy of the artist. It produces a sense of unexausted power for fresh creation. This joy in the heart of Jesus is both the joy of victory , and the sense of having brought His Church into being. It is an inspiring thought that Jesus calls his followers into that joy. The Christian life is not some shallow, insipid, following of a traditional pattern. It is a life characterized by unexausted and inexaustable power for fresh creation. (New International Commentary on the New Testament, John, p.598.)

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Steven Carr said...

Congratulations, Rev. Eshelman. I wish I coulda been dere for your ordination. Blessings on your ministry.