09 December, 2008

Who Needs Calvin's Commentaries?

Calvin's Commentaries on the Scripture are some of the best expositions that the Church has. My personal opinion is that a set should be in every Christian home for reference when a text is unclear or even for personal or family worship purposes. They are that good! Calvin is not the dry, dusty, overly-scholastic killjoy that some make him out to be. He is actually very warm, applicable, and pastoral in his exposition (something that many Reformed pastors could learn from!).

If you do not have these commentaries in your home, but agree that they would make a great addition to a spiritual library- then now is the time to add them. Christian Book Distributors has them for $99 right now (they retail at $1000... even though most get them for around $250 in the used market). $99 is unheard of though- with 22 volumes, I would imagine that the paper and ink are worth at least half of that!

Get em here!

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Esteban Vázquez said...

Aww, shucks--they're already gone!