26 August, 2008

Those Liberal Churches and Their Programs!

Think that programs to care for the poor and hurting are for today's liberal churches? Maybe that is because the so-called conservative churches are not doing their biblical responsibilities to the poor, orphan, and widow in her midst. Here is an interesting article on the 16th c. Puritan, William Perkins on 'mercy ministry'.


Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Thanks for this Nathan. Convicting to say the least.

mkuivenhoven said...

Yes...liberal churches are there because we are not...thanks for the article!

Edgar said...

Amen Nate!

As Presbyterians, we must not loose ourselves in Theological reading and debate. But put that knowledge into practice and this is one of those means that brings about great humility and gratefulness to the Lord. Ministering to the poor, destitute, orphan, and widow, plus the less desirables in society is really feeding, clothing, and visiting Christ in prison.

At the same time this can be accomplished without falling into Neo-Cavinism (like Kuyper's method) , liberalism, and liberation theology.

Thank you for Perkins work and this subject!