01 November, 2007

Who Is Up For Some Real Fun?

For those of us who love Reformed Presbyterian historical research- life just got a little easier. We can now follow, year by year, why the name of our denominational magazine has changed so many times! We can learn all about why RPs did not think that deacons were necessary in America, and we can learn all about how the denomination moved from disciplining ministers for drunkenness to a position of total abstinence and then to a biblical position. You can also follow your favorite historical minister from his seminary days until when he went to be with the Lord (or jumped into another Presbyterian body!)

The Minutes of Synod, The Reformed Presbyterian and/or Covenanter Witness has been cataloged in a searchable PDF format. This is a valuable tool for us young guys... and I am sure that it makes the older guys a bit jealous... we have a lot less hard work to do when it comes to research!

Reformed Presbyterian Archives From 1837-2006

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Mark said...

Sweet. And it's already linked to from the church website, too, so you don't even have to ask. :)