08 October, 2007

Politician's Religions

It seems that the media has become quite interested in the religious lives of this country's leaders. I am sure that it is because Americans are quite interested in religion and the media is reflecting that. It always interests me to see how different people view God and His Son, Jesus Christ. It saddens me when people hold error (as I am sure it does for all who love Christ). Here are two stories that I saw in the news today concerning two prominent political leaders:


steveandjanna said...

Bush is dead wrong on this issue, in fact his position disgusts me. That said, I would say that we all fall into error on one issue or another, even you.

Mark said...

Both men need our prayers, and I certainly hope they know Christ better than the articles reflect. It's up to their sessions to deal with them, meanwhile we can all remember to be very discerning in the upcoming elections.

Andrew Duggan said...

Steve, that's all fine, except for the fact that the President didn't fall into that error. He never rose above it. So many took his line about Christ as full blown credible profession, but in fact he's never had a credible profession of faith. He hasn't fallen from something, he's never risen to the point of being a believer.

Elitist politicians will always say what ever is required to get elected. Nothing really new with this story.

steveandjanna said...

From all accounts the President has professed faith in Christ. As far as I know, he's a church member. From what his friends have said, there's a very clear difference between the George W. Bush before he became a Christian and after. He's dead wrong on this issue, whether it comes from ignorance or it's willful I don't know. But let's not question whether or not he's had a 'credible' profession, you have no basis for suggesting he hasn't.

Andrew Duggan said...

Ah, but of what church is he a member? Does it have the marks of the church especially church discipline? Do you know?

Does trusting in Christ really mean anything when one claims that there are other ways of salvation other than faith in Christ alone?

No man can read another's heart, but we are called to be discerning and if one, even the President, can't say faith Christ is the only way of salvation then that profession should not be received as credible.

Lot's of people have successfully gotten back on the wagon without becoming Christians. All of that is meaningless if he can't say that Christ is the only way.

steveandjanna said...

Do you know what church he is a member of? Do you know anything about the man other than what the left-wing press has written about him? You don't have the slightest idea if his statement is based in ignorance or if it is a willful denial of God's word. I'm willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt, especially because we don't know if anyone is telling him the truth on the matter.

Andrew Duggan said...

It seems funny to me how you seem prefer to answer a question with a question.

Yes (and it doesn't improve the credibility of his profession). Yes. Yes (based on the weighing the evidence in his life and his words). I voted for the man twice, neither time because I was deluded into thinking he was a Christian, unlike some who still don't have much discernment in this area. The question still remains: do you know?

We do know that he as the truth available to him, all he has to do is pick it up and read it. Have you ever read John 14:6?

What kind of Christian profession is it from someone who claims to be a Christian for at least 7 years and hasn't yet read the Gospel of John?

I can tell you that in historic Reformed and Presbyterian churches if one could not answer that Jesus Christ is the only way then you weren't received into fellowship.

Remember the ignorant as well as the scandalous are to be kept from the Lord's Table. [That's based in part on I Cor 11 for one can not examine himself if he doesn't know and understand the very basics of Christ].

Is the man a Christian, I don't know, but his profession is incredible.