20 May, 2007

Sabbath a'Brakel: A Plea to Return to Your First Love

Reflect for a moment upon former days. Consider your previous convictions, sensitivity, earnestness, tears, supplications, looking unto and receiving of the Lord Jesus, sorrow over sin, sweet enjoyment of the Word of God, tender walk before the Lord--and perhaps also peace, joy, and assurance. You know indeed that you have enjoyed all these things prior to this, and you know furthermore that all God's callings and gifts are without repentance....

Even if your inner motions are presently sluggish, lethargic, and barren, are they nevertheless not there?--namely, displeasure about your condition, and a desire to be lively in all spiritual exercises, and for the benefits of the covenant of grace? Are you not sensitive to your insensitivity--not primarily because you fear judgment, but because you are so barren and dead in spiritual things? Is not your deadness your greatest burden? What is able to comfort your soul: something temporal or is it only God in Christ? Wherever there is feeling there is life. Since you are therefore sensitive to your spiritual deadness, is not this then an indication that you have life? We are not examining you as to how strong and lively all this is, but rather as to the genuineness of it all.

Are you entirely void of the activities and exercises of godliness, or are there yet sighs, prayers, and a fleeing to Jesus for reconciliation and power to be invigorated again? [IV: 273].

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Nate said...

What a plea for personal godliness and revival. If we all had the 'first love' enthusiasm and vigour the church would be in a better state.

Pray with me for this personal revival so that it may impact ecclesiastical and community revival!