26 September, 2005

German Pope changes Mass

Below you will find the very controversial Question 80 of the Heidelberg Catechism. This question has caused a lot of uproar in Reformed churches that are attempting to do away with the differences between the Protestant and the Roman Catholic religions.

Now that Ratzinger is the Pope, he is attempting to bring a Bavarian flavor to the mass, and now even the faithful of Rome will have to reexamine their doctrine of the Mass.

Q80: What difference is there between the Lord's Supper and the Pope's Mass?

A80: The Lord's Supper testifies to us that we have full forgiveness of all our sins by the one sacrifice of Jesus Christ, which He Himself once accomplished on the cross; and that by the Holy Ghost we are ingrafted into Christ, who, with His true body, is now in heaven at the right hand of the Father, and is there to be worshiped. But the Mass teaches that the living and the dead do not have forgiveness of sins through the sufferings of Christ, unless Christ is still daily offered for them by the priests, and that Christ is bodily under the form of bread and wine, and is therefore to be worshiped in them. And thus the Mass at bottom is nothing else than a denial of the one sacrifice and suffering of Jesus Christ, and an accursed idolatry.

Below you will see Ratzinger's ideas on how to bring back the German people to the "Mother Church". Happy Oktoberfest Ratzinger!

As for me, I will stick with the traditional view on Rome that was shared by the Reformers and my Puritan forefathers.

Discussion Question:

-Is this not exactly what evangelical churches are doing in an attempt to combine culture and Christianity?


Johannes Weslianus said...

That's a good one. Did you do that, or did you find it somewhere? I'm impressed.

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shawn said...

As for me, I will stick with the traditional view on Rome that was shared by the Reformers and my Puritan forefathers.

VI. There is no other head of the Church but the Lord Jesus Christ.[13] Nor can the Pope of Rome, in any sense, be head thereof; but is THAT Antichrist, THAT Man of Sin, and Son of Perdition, that exalts himself, in the Church, against Christ and all that is called God.[14]

Glad to hear we have come to agreement, brother!

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Nate said...


I agree.


I got from Shawn, who got it from Cheryl Grenon of BC, Canada.

Anonymous..you have to be my wife!

Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that Cheers mate

Notliberal said...

Oy, you're being infected with Dutchie disease. Next thing you know you'll be wearing wooden shoes and stealing my tulip bulbs.

In any event, I was talking with a Greek Orthodox friend last night who was shocked to hear that I didn't believe the bread and wine were the literal body and blood of Christ. We do not need to sacrifice Christ everyday, He has achieved His purpose already and is sitting at the right hand praying for us as we speak (or type as the case may be). What greater blessing do we want?

Droll Flood said...

na denn prost!
einemal bitte!

Eva Lemmon..? said...

Could he down that in one gulp..?

Ze'ev said...

The Rogue Jew says "L'Chiam" Interesting blog Nate. Tizz told me where I could find it. Keep Up the Blogging...Exercising free speech is a good thing!